Azcom technology offers a wide range of product engineering services across a wide range of development platforms and application domains. We have the experience, competences, established processes and structure to execute complex projects and product development on a trunkey basis.

Azcom provides highly specialized expertize in areas such as signal processing, algorithm design/simulation and DSP software development for multiple application types, including cellular networks, space and radar communication and medical appliances.

Small Cells

Small Cells

Small Cells are an essential component of any wireless network, private or public, that plans to optimize user quality of experience. Small Cells offer superior coverage enclosed areas where the macro signals cannot penetrate. Small Cells are also going to play an important role in the deployment of 5G.



Centralized-RANs solutions are increasingly playing an important role in the deployment of LTE and next generation networks providing significant CapEx and OpEx advantage to service providers. Azcom’s latest product is a key component to this solution.


Network In a Box is an essential solution for specialized markets such as defense, public safety, disaster recovery, surveillance etc. Azcom has a deployable solution for these markets.


Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solutions need to scalable, flexible and virtualizable to adapt to diverse applications and network configurations. Azcom has a compellimg solution to address these requirements.

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