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Vehicle Occupancy Detection

Among other automotive applications, the ability to reliably detect whether the car cabin is occupied by passengers is becoming an important use case for car manufacturers. Principal application of this capability is to prevent situations where vehicles become traps for unattended occupants, especially children or pets. In case of autonomous vehicles, it will be critical to continuously monitor vehicle occupancy without creating too many privacy concerns.

mmWave radar sensors combined with special ad hoc algorithms are well-suited for such applications. Azcom reference design aims to demonstrate this capability. Its main purpose is to illustrate how the mix of the TI mmWave sensor SoC and Azcom algorithms allows reliable detection of vehicle (seat) occupancy in a real-world moving environment, where vibrations and other impairments put several challenges to the robustness of the system.

Watch the video here below to get additional details about the reference design setup and the results obtained.

AzcomTechnology Vehicle Occupancy Detection

If you are interested in evaluating our design, a package containing software and instructions for the TI AWR1642 Evaluation Module is available for download below.

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