Azcom Technology offers a carrier-grade LTE PHY software along with proprietary solutions in areas such advanced receivers. The LTE PHY software is end-to-end tested with SORBAS LTE Test-UE and commercial devices. The Azcom PHY is also available with pre-integrated Azcom L2/L3 Protocol Stack software.

The Azcom LTE PHY software implements a modular, scalable architecture. This flexible design allows easy porting and integration with the customer’s own Small Cell platform or with the Azcom Small Cell Platform. All standard interfaces (FAPI, CPRI, IP) are supported along with FDD and TDD.
Azcom LTE PHY is a field-deployable solution. Five levels of testing from module to system integration with commercial UEs ensure high-quality software. The receiver satisfies Conformance Tests as per 3GPP 36.104, 36.141.

Key Features

  • 300/75 Mbps peak data rates
  • Up to 100 Active Users (16 scheduled users per TTI)
  • FDD/TDD Support
  • Scalable bandwidth up to 20 MHz
  • Up to 4×4 MIMO

  • UE categories 1-5 supported
  • Small Cell Forum API PHY/L2 interface
  • Optimized for Texas Instruments KeyStone II architecture
  • Comprehensive testing (Over-The-Air, Conformance, Automated)
  • 3GPP Rel.9 compliant (roadmap for Rel.10 and beyond)

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