ngSCBP is a high performance baseband board for Dual Mode Small Cell Base Station development. Based on Texas Instruments KeyStone TMS320TCI6614 multicore System-on-Chip (SoC), this board provides the ideal foundation for PHY/L2/L3 and transport processing implementation, targeted for high performance small cell base stations.

ngSCBP baseband board delivers powerful performance in a compact double width full size µTCA® form factor. The board hosts two TMS320TCI6614 SoCs with a wide range of connectivity options (Hyperlink, sRIO, Ethernet SGMII, AIF). A direct interface to Azcom Technology ngSCBP-RF card enables HSPA+ and LTE simultaneous operations and 4×4 MIMO.

Azcom Small Cell Baseband Board

Key Features
  • TMS320TCI6614 KeyStone SoC
    • Multi-core (4) DSP@1.2 GHz
    • ARM®Cortex™A8 RISC MPU@1.2 GHz
    • Wireless PHY, NTW Packet & Security Accelerators
    • IEEE 1588 support
  • 2 GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM
  • Lattice ECP3-70 FPGA
  • Marvell 88E6185+88E1340s Ethernet Switch
  • RAKON E4933LF VCTXO control from GPS receiver, external source, NTP, IEEE 1588
  • LTC4555 SIM Card reader

  • High speed Hyperlink™ between the two SoCs
  • Connector to ngSCBP-RF card
  • 2x SFP to SoCs for RRH I/F
  • 3x SMA for GPS receiver antenna, external reference clock and external sync 2x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
  • AMC connector with 1x PCI-E, 2x Antenna Interface (AIF2), 4x sRIO, 2x SGMII
  • JTAG & MICTOR connectors to SoCs and FPGA

FPGA Functions
  • General Board Control & Embedded Glue Logic
  • DDC/DUC chains for ngSCBP-RF daughter card
  • Clocks & Power Supply Management; SPI & UART switches; GPS control
  • 64Mb Flash for configuration

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